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AOE/COE & Scene Investigations

AOE/COE & Scene

AOE/COE & Scene Investigations

Find out what happened.

Like clockwork, employees will suffer workplace injuries; however, some employees will try to fool responsible employers into paying for injuries derived outside of work. An AOE/COE Insurance Investigation is used to determine compensability, or whether or not your business is responsible for an alleged workplace injury.

The AOE/COE was specifically designed to help combat this type of fraud. Through onsite investigations, background checks, medical canvasses, and lifestyle canvasses, our investigators at Emerging Investigations leave no stone unturned. 

AOE/COE & Scene Investigations

What does AOE/COE stand for?

AOE (Arriving out of Employment) / COE (Course of Employment) investigations are employed by insurance companies to determine compensability of a workman’s compensation claim.
Clients who need AOE/COE & Scene Investigations Investigation may include:

• Insurance companies
• Businesses with workman’s compensation claims
• Anyone who must verify a workplace injury

Workplace injuries can create a nightmare for your business. A bigger nightmare, the false reporting of injuries as being on-the-job iwhen they really occured elsewhere. It goes like this, an employee will allege an injury they actually suffered at home was suffered on the job. This way, the employee will receive workers’ compensation benefits and some time off.

Our investigators are trained to seek the truth and they know where to look to find the inconsistencies. We work dillegently behind the scenes to aggregate all available evidence. Armed with this evidence, you can feel safe you’re not being defrauded by a fraudulent insurance claim.

AOE / COE – Proving Workers Comp Injuries Arose Out of Employment

Ready for What Lies Ahead?

AOE/COE & Scene Investigations are an excellent time to focus on the claimant. Get the claimant’s photo and as much detailed information as possible. This will come in especially handy if surveillance is assigned later on in your investigation.

Additionally, this will go along well at any industrial accident hearings by showing how responsible and quick to act when an employee presented as injured. Using an outside agency for this is especially important to keep “an arms length away” from the claim. As a third-party vendor, we have no interest in how the case turns out.

Another good article we found on this topic came from the Shouse Injury Law Firm and can be found here.


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