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Surveillance tells the story.

Emerging Investigations proudly provides the best surveillance in Tampa Bay, because we employ the best surveillance investigators. We perform work all over the state of Florida, usually by request or through referral. Our investigators are overly prepared and uniquely armed with the technology to get you evidence ANYWHERE the subject goes! Surveillance is just one of our investigation services our clients routinely assign us.

Surveillance in Tampa Bay

What is Surveillance?

Surveillance never lies; you’re watching what unfolds. This makes it very valuable while proving or disproving any idea.

Physical surveillance itself is the active observation of a person, place, or thing to gather intelligence about that individual. Surveillance is one of the most effective services on a private investigator’s menu. It can, and often does, result in invaluable information that can be used in subsequent criminal investigations or legal proceedings.

Keep in mind, private investigators must always act in a lawful and ethical manner. This is especially true regarding physical surveillance. For example, we can’t spy on someone in a private place, such as within a home.

Understanding the relevant laws regarding private physical surveillance is critical to ensure private investigators are operating ethically. For the investigator and you. Top rated investigation services

Choosing the right surveillance agency for the job…


Choosing the right investigation agency is critical to the overall success of the investigation. Keeping in mind, you’re responsible for who you hire.

Here are a few things to look out for.

Is the agency you’re considering a licensed agency with the Departrment of Agriculture? In Florida, anyone who advertises a private investigatioon business must be a licensed AGENCY, not just a licensed INVESTIGATOR. The agency designation allows the agency to seek the proper business insurance.

Is the agency you’re considering properly insured? If not, what happens when they get into an accident or causes another loss during their investigation? You may find yourself being sued for their actions. Make sure any agency is properly licensed and insured.

 Finally, does the agency have the technology and the tools to accomplish what is required? Ask them if they have covert cameras so they can videotape inside tight spots. Ask about their vehicles. Are they nondescript and are the windows adequately tinted to avoid detection.


Practice Areas

Legal Support

Your firm’s goal is to win cases for your clients. Our legal support investigators provide you with the information you need to win cases.


Corporate matters

Our corporate solutions are designed to mitigate and eliminate resource and financial loss. Competition is fierce, be ready with Emerging.



Our seasoned insurance professionals investigate insurance claims and susequent alleged injuries. Our surveillance yields results.



Family misunderstandings can at times require explanations through investigation. Get the facts first before making any “knee-jerk” decisions.


'round the Clock

Our investigators, some bilingual, are experienced, insured, and licensed. We know sometimes things happen. Because of that, our investigators are available for assignments 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


At Emerging, we feel everyone should be entitled to an investigation agency they can trust. We guarantee our work. Unfortunately, we can never guarantee results. But if it’s there, we’ll find it and report back to you.

Free Consultations

It’s always free to talk about it! As a family owned business, we employ a wide-range ages and genders to evaluate your situation, with you in mind. No matter what, any discussion will be FREE and kept in PROFESSIONAL CONFIDENCE.

Our Services Drive Information.

Information Drives Decisions.

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