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Across the Florida, Around the Clock: Emerging Investigations Delivers Expert Investigative Services. Providing 24/7 Professional Investigation Solutions, Wherever You Are in the U.S.

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In Need of a Private Investigator in Tampa FL?

For situations demanding expertise, integrity, and discretion, select the premier private investigators in Tampa, FL, Emerging Investigations. Our focus is on providing top-notch, Tampa private investigation services that surpass expectations.

Comprehensive Investigation Services

As a private investigator in Tampa FL, we cater to a diverse array of people and businesses. From legal support and corporate inquiries to personal issues and fraud investigations, our certified, licensed investigators are equipped to apply their expertise.

Available Anytime, Always There for You

Emerging Investigations commits to being available whenever you need us. Our team is ready to respond at a moment’s notice, operating 24/7. We understand that the need for Tampa private investigation services can arise unexpectedly, and we’re prepared to provide prompt, efficient solutions.

Tampa Private Investigation Services – Free Consultation

Interested in discussing your investigative requirements, and how Tampa private investigation services can help you today? Reach out to Emerging Investigations for a no-cost initial consultation.

Tampa Private Investigative Services are Affordable

At Emerging Investigations, we ensure top-quality Tampa private investigation services are affordable for everyone. Our pricing is flexible to suit your budget, offering premium service without financial strain. Choose us for cost-effective solutions to all your investigative challenges.

Local Expertise, Nationwide Coverage

Our services aren’t just limited to Florida; we cover the entire United States. Whether you’re in Tampa Bay or Green Bay, you can rely on Emerging Investigations for local knowledge and nationwide coverage.

Focused on Our Clients

Our approach is fundamentally client-oriented. We’re dedicated to understanding and meeting your needs, leveraging our training, experience, and skills to bring you the necessary results and information. With a commitment to transparency and integrity, we ensure you have the essential insights for informed decision-making.

About Us

Emerging Investigations is family owned and family operated. Our excellence is a product of generations of private investigators.

Family Owned and Operated

Emerging Investigations is a family-owned and operated investigation business offers clients the unique advantage of personalized, dedicated service backed by the deep trust and cohesive teamwork that naturally arises from a family working together towards a common goal.

Our Mission

Emerging Investigations is dedicated to offering affordable, directed investigative services without sacrificing the quality and thoroughness our clients demand and deserve. Our goal is to deliver actionable results, empowering our clients to make timely, well-informed decisions that add significant value to their unique matter or situation.

Our Vision

Emerging Investigations growth is anchored in unwavering accountability to our clients’ needs, ensuring the pursuit of excellence in our investigative results, not revenue, guides our path. We are a trusted leader in the investigative industry and our success is measured by the quality and impact of our work, fostering a legacy of trust and effectiveness.”

Our Services

Emerging Investigations maintains a diverse investigator base making us the obvious choice.


Empower your investigations with precision and discretion. Our surveillance services provide insights, utilizing cutting-edge technology and skilled operatives.

Insurance Claims

Boost your claim investigations with our expert team. Rely on our professionals for thorough claim examination and validation, ensuring accuracy and integrity.

Background Checks

Revolutionize background checks with our extensive data networks. Get accurate, in-depth insights for confident, informed decision-making in your screening processes.

Legal Support

Our legal support services provide an asset to legal professionals, offered thorough investigative expertise that can uncover evidence and information crucial for your cases.


Locate People

Emerging specializes in meticulously tracing and uncovering crucial information, ensuring that no detail is overlooked to provide you with the answers you need.

Undercover Ops

Our Undercover Tampa private investigation services offer businesses a discreet, but powerful tool in resolving internal challenges, from employee misconduct to espionage.

Why Emerging?

Many factor set Emerging Investigations apart from our competitors. Here are a few Tampa private investigation services, where our investigators excel.

Gym Rat - Image

The Gym Rats

Frustrated your vendor, providing you Tampa private investigation services, just won’t go inside with a covert, or a hidden camera? This is the best footage available, you know that, and Emerging Investigations takes every opportunity to go inside with our subjects, no matter where they go!

When Night Falls

Emerging Investigators are equipped with the equipment to get the job done, day or night. Our advanced equipment can capture clear and consise video in almost any environment.

Night Vision Equipment
Moving Automobile Surveillance

Surveillance Done Right

With a fleet of different sedans, SUVs, and minivans, Emerging Investigators are always prepared to blend in for each day of your assignment. Our surveillance team completed just over 1000 assignemnts in 2023.


Happy Clients 

Our clients always walk away satisfied. Some even walk back for more Tampa private investigation services! five star rating 623x124 1 300x60 1

How you followed her into three places on the same day, I’ll never know. But I can just keep giving these ‘problems’ to you and you can handle them…lol!

Norm – SIU Professional five star rating 623x124 1 300x60 1

I appreciate you getting me the reports and video so quickly. I have investigators it takes days, to get their stuff in! The most reliable agency we use.

Sandy – PI Agency five star rating 623x124 1 300x60 1

Consistent and reliable agency. We love the final product we get, every time. They make smart decisions and that helps me defend my clients every time.

Jack – Criminal Law