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We Are A Full Service Private Investigation Agency

Emerging Investigations is a full-service private investigation agency providing affordable investigative services in Tampa Bay and throughout Florida. Our clients vary tremendously and include individuals, businesses of all sizes, insurance companies, and attorneys. Our Private Investigators in Tampa are industry savvy and poised to secure the information most important to your case.

Legal Support

Your firm’s goal is to win cases for your clients. Our legal support investigators provide you with the information you need to win cases.


Corporate matters

Our corporate solutions are designed to mitigate and eliminate resource and financial loss. Competition is fierce, be ready with Emerging.



Our seasoned insurance professionals investigate insurance claims and susequent alleged injuries. Our surveillance yields results.



Family misunderstandings can at times require explanations through investigation. Get the facts first before making any “knee-jerk” decisions.


How Do You Know If You Need an Investigator?

We provide our clients with affordable investigation services for criminal defense, personal-injury, surveillance, undercover investigations, background investigations, pre-employment and tennant checks, asset investigations, winess/missing person locates, corporate threat assessment, corporate investigations, and much, much more.

Missing People

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Do you need to search for a missing person? Or, do you want to search for someone you just met? Run an online data search through Emerging and learn more about him/her. Our proprietary databases located old friends and family, and assisted in many adoption reconnections. So, reconnect with a lost love or search for a missing person, we can help.

Infidelity Matters

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Suspicion your spouse may be cheating can be hard to think about. Unfortunately, if you have a suspicion that your spouse is unfaithful, you could be wrong, but, you may be right. Our affordable investigation services can set your mind at ease, one way or the other. Our surveillance team is ready for your assignment.


Child Support/Custody

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We understand the sensative nature of child custody and/or child support investigations. Our affordable investigation services in Florida focus on the child’s well-being and treatment. Our goal is to objectively investigate the child’s treatment by the parent in question, prepare evidence, and present our finding.

'round the Clock

Our investigators, some bilingual, are experienced, insured, and licensed. We know sometimes things happen. Because of that, our investigators are available for assignments 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


At Emerging, we feel everyone should be entitled to an investigation agency they can trust. We guarantee our work. Unfortunately, we can never guarantee results. But if it’s there, we’ll find it and report back to you.

Free Consultations

It’s always free to talk about it! As a family owned business, we employ a wide-range ages and genders to evaluate your situation, with you in mind. No matter what, any discussion will be FREE and kept in PROFESSIONAL CONFIDENCE.

“How you followed her into three places on the same day, I’ll never know. But I can just keep giving these ‘problems’ to you and you can handle them…lol! “

N. Kelly

Insurance Company

“Thanks guys! I appreciate you getting me the reports and video so quickly. I have investigators that it takes days, sometimes weeks to get their stuff in!”

S. Brohm

Private Investigation Agency

Affordable Private Investigation Services in Tampa Bay.

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