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Background Checks

Background-Checks – Comprehensive, Confidential, and Crucial

At Emerging Investigations, we specialize in providing thorough and confidential background checks to help you make informed decisions with confidence. Whether you are a business looking to vet potential employees, a landlord screening tenants, or an individual needing to verify personal relationships, our background check services are tailored to meet your specific needs.


Integral Role of Background Checks for Informed Decisions

In today’s interconnected world, making informed decisions in both personal and professional realms is more critical than ever. This is where background-checks, conducted by skilled investigators, play a pivotal role. Whether you’re hiring a new employee, entering a business partnership, or considering a personal relationship, background checks provide essential insights that guide better decision-making.

Be careful relying on even the best background check sites. They are plagued with inaccurate, unreliable, and hard to interpret records.

Background-checks are thorough investigations into an individual’s past, covering various aspects from criminal records to educational history. A proficient investigator knows the importance of navigating through local, state, and federal criminal records. Each level offers unique insights, with local records providing details on minor offenses, state records capturing broader data, and federal records revealing major legal transgressions. This multi-tier approach ensures a comprehensive view of an individual’s legal history.

Civil records checks are equally important, uncovering any involvement in lawsuits or legal disputes. This information can be crucial in understanding someone’s history of litigation, which might impact your decision, especially in a business context.

Additionally, verifications like people locates, license checks, claim services, and educational verification are fundamental. They confirm the credentials of a person, ensuring their qualifications and professional licenses are valid and earned. Misrepresentation in these areas is a red flag that skilled investigators can identify.

Media searches and confirming references provide a broader picture of an individual’s character and past behavior. These checks delve into public and private databases, offering insights that might not be evident through traditional records.

Sophisticated checks like SEC inquiries are essential in high-stakes business environments, particularly for positions of trust and financial responsibility. They help in identifying any past securities violations or financial misconduct.

In essence, background-checks are not just a formality; they are a crucial step in risk mitigation. They empower individuals and businesses to make well-informed decisions, minimizing potential risks and fostering trust. Conducted effectively by experienced investigators, these checks can unearth a wealth of information, aiding in creating safer, more reliable, and transparent personal and professional relationships.

What do employee background checks look for?

Employee backgrounds are a vital step in the hiring process, ensuring that potential employees are trustworthy and qualified. Here’s a breakdown of what these checks typically look for:

Criminal History

This is often the first thing employers check. It includes a search of national, state, and, sometimes, local criminal records. The aim is to identify any past criminal behavior which might be relevant to the job role.

Employment Verification

This involves confirming the candidate’s employment history. The check verifies past job titles, periods of employment, and sometimes reasons for leaving previous jobs. It helps ensure the accuracy of the candidate’s resume.

Education Verification

This step confirms the educational credentials listed on the applicant’s resume. It’s important for roles that require specific degrees or certifications.

Credit History

For roles that involve financial responsibilities, employers may conduct a credit check. This provides insight into an applicant’s financial stability and responsibility.

Identity and Address Verification

This ensures the candidate is who they claim to be and lives where they say they do. It’s a basic but crucial part of the background check.

Drug Testing

Many employers require a pre-employment drug screen. This is especially common in industries where safety is a concern.

Driving Record

For jobs that involve driving, employers will check the candidate’s driving history for any violations or accidents.

Reference Checks

Contacting former employers, colleagues, or other references provided by the candidate can offer insights into their work ethic, reliability, and skills.

Sex Offender Registry Check

This is particularly important for positions that involve working with vulnerable populations, like children or the elderly.

Professional License Verification

For roles that require professional licenses (like medical, legal, or accounting roles), verification of these licenses is crucial.

Social Media and Internet Check

Some employers review social media profiles and other online information to gauge the character and behavior of a candidate.

Civil Records Check

For certain positions, checking for any civil litigation history can be relevant, particularly lawsuits related to employment.

The extent of the background check often depends on the job’s requirements and the employer’s policies. In all cases, employers must comply with legal regulations, such as the FCRA in the United States, which sets standards for employment screening.

In-Depth Background Checks for Informed Decisions

Comprehensive Screening

Our background checks are exhaustive. We delve into criminal records, employment history, education verification, credit history, and more, leaving no stone unturned.

Accuracy and Speed

Leveraging the latest in surveillance technology, we offer high-quality video and audio monitoring, GPS tracking, and more. Our equipment is sophisticated yet discreet, ideal for a range of investigative needs.

Legal Compliance

It’s imperative to check compliance and regulation issues that can arise. Navigating the legalities of background checks can be complex. We ensure all investigations are conducted in compliance with legal standards, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Discretion and Confidentiality

Your privacy and the confidentiality of the information we gather are paramount. We conduct all checks with the utmost discretion and secure handling of data.

Expert Analysis

Every situation is unique, and we pride ourselves on offering customized surveillance solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s monitoring a location, tracking an individual’s movements, or gathering information on an entity, we tailor our approach to your needs.

Start Making Safer, Smarter Decisions Today

Don’t leave important decisions to chance. With Emerging Investigations, you can rest assured that you are getting the most comprehensive and reliable background check services. Contact us for a confidential consultation and learn how our expertise can support your decision-making process.

Our Background Check Services Include:
    • Employment Background Checks: Verify the credentials, work history, and potential criminal history of prospective employees.
    • Tenant Screening: Conduct checks on rental applicants to ensure reliability and mitigate potential risks.
    • Personal Background Checks: Gain insights into the backgrounds of personal relationships or connections.
    • Business Due Diligence: Assess the credibility and history of business partners or investment opportunities.

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