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People Locates

People Locates

People Locates

We’ll find them for you.

Like anything else, there are varying reasons for performiong a locate investigation on someone. Looking for a relative, a missing teenager who may be at risk, a biological mom or dad, or maybe regarding an insurance matter? Emerging Investigations has access to powerful online databases and a field services team for “boots on the street”, who can quickly confirm or refute information on-the-fly.

People Locates

How do you Locate People?

As licensed investigators, we have unique access to powerful consumer driven databases. The data we purchase is current and always highly accurate.

Credit Header Data

Credit header information is “the portion of a credit report that typically contains an individual’s name, aliases, birth date, Social Security number, current and prior addresses, and telephone number.” Most national database resellers are built around the credit header.



It doesn’t end there, this starts the “connecting the dots” phase. During this phase, we cherry pick data from the database and match it to the public record for additional details. Our investigators continue this process until we’ve confirmed the locate.

“I have a relative who has been missing…”

Everyone Worst Nighmare

Most of our people locates are pretty basic searches. They usually just involve updating an address for our client. However, if someone in your life is missing time is of the utmost importance.

An investigation to find a missing person can become costly, quickly. The Law Dictionary (thelawdictionary.org) came up with 13 Ways to Find a Missing Person for Free. They did a nice job of checking off thirteen ways you can get started with a missing person investigation.

If you’ve done what you can and need help, call us.


'round the Clock

Our investigators, some bilingual, are experienced, insured, and licensed. We know sometimes things happen. Because of that, our investigators are available for assignments 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


At Emerging, we feel everyone should be entitled to an investigation agency they can trust. We guarantee our work. Unfortunately, we can never guarantee results. But if it’s there, we’ll find it and report back to you.

Free Consultations

It’s always free to talk about it! As a family owned business, we employ a wide-range ages and genders to evaluate your situation, with you in mind. No matter what, any discussion will be FREE and kept in PROFESSIONAL CONFIDENCE.

Our Services Drive Information.

Information Drives Decisions.

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