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Lawyers hire private investigators to assist them in gathering information and evidence to support their clients’ cases. Private investigators are trained professionals who specialize in conducting investigations and surveillance activities to uncover information that may be relevant to a legal case.

Many times, the information desired is publicly available, but the out of reach of the lamen because they just don’t work in the system everyday, and the navagating of these sources can be daunting.

lawyers hire private investigators

Gathering Evidence

Private investigators can help gather evidence to support a client’s case. This can include conducting witness interviews, reviewing documents, and conducting surveillance activities. Evidence obtained must be obtained legally so the information gathered, whether it be video evidence, documents, photos, or any other means, can be presented in a court of law.

Asset Searches

Private investigators can help lawyers locate assets that may be relevant to a case, such as hidden bank accounts or real estate holdings. After you receive a judgement from a debtor, you still have to secure the funds, or real property, to satisfy the judgement. Emerging can help you find assets and collect those assets from any person or company for purposes of insurance claims, judgment enforcement, debtor collection, or any other types of legal support in Florida.

Fraud Investigations

Let’s assume you suspect your business partner is embezzling from the company you both own. The partner is clearly living well above their means, the drive a luxury car, and is always attired in expensive brand name clothes. They get super defensive when asked about any financial discrepancies. But you have not been able to prove anything nepharious is taking place. This is a financial problem — but it also is a legal one that requires your attorney’s expertise. Private investigators can help lawyers navigate cases of fraud, such as insurance fraud or corporate fraud.

Background Checks

Lawyers hire private investigators to conduct background checks on individuals involved in their cases. This can include researching criminal records, employment history, and financial records. A private investigator can provide detailed information that may not be readily available to the public, helping the lawyer build a stronger case.


Surveillance is another common service provided by private investigators. Lawyers hire private investigators to conduct surveillance on individuals who are suspected of illegal or unethical behavior. For example, a lawyer may hire an investigator to monitor the activities of an employee suspected of stealing from a company or a spouse suspected of infidelity.

Locating Witnesses

Private investigators can also assist lawyers in locating witnesses and evidence. They may conduct interviews, review public records, and use other investigative techniques to track down individuals who may have important information about a case. This can be especially helpful in cases where witnesses are reluctant to come forward.

Computer forensics

In today’s digital age, computer forensics is becoming increasingly important in legal cases. Lawyers hire private investigators with expertise in this area to help them gather and analyze digital evidence, including emails, social media posts, and other online activity.

Expert testimony

In some cases, private investigators may provide expert testimony in court. They may be called upon to explain their investigative techniques and findings, and to provide their professional opinion on matters related to the case.

Working with a private investigator can provide significant benefits for lawyers and their clients. Private investigators can provide valuable information and evidence that can strengthen a case and help achieve a successful outcome. If you’re a lawyer in Tampa and need investigative services, consider hiring a reputable and experienced private investigator to assist you.an help you gather the evidence you need for a successful outcome.